About Charlotte City Tennis


Charlotte City Tennis was founded in 2012 with the goal of establishing quality tennis programming for the community. We offer a comprehensive array of programs for both juniors and adults regardless of skill level. Combining a USPTA certified staff along with our numerous instructional and match play programs makes CCT the only place for public tennis in Charlotte.


We believe proper skill development and encouraging personal development is just as important to long term success in tennis as stroke and tactical development. Without first being able to catch a ball, you can’t expect to be able to hit a ball with a racquet. Our teaching model is based on a series of progressions.

First, the proper skills need to be developed. These include balance, eye-hand coordination, and spatial relationship recognition between oneself and the ball. By focusing on the overall athletic development of the player, they  have a much higher success rate when trying to apply these skills to the game of tennis.

The Quickstart methodology requires the proper court size, ball, racquet length, net height, and score for each age group. By combining the proper skill development with the Quickstart format, we feel each player maximize their skills at each level. By sticking to this path, players develop quicker with more success. For more information, visit 10 and Under Tennis or Little Tennis.

Learning and playing the game of tennis has enormous benefits at all levels; both for children and adults. You don’t have to train or have the athletic skills of a touring pro to reap the benefits this game has to offer. Learning how to think independently, make quick decisions, and improve athletic skills are just a few benefits that can help people of all ages. By offering a structure that starts with the simplest of concepts and progresses to the most complex, we truly feel we have something for everyone.

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