Adult Tennis Clinics and Lessons

adult tennis clinics and lessons“Allen was fantastic in his approach to teaching and coaching. I have already booked my next private tennis session; also, my friend and I plan to continue on with private lessons and clinics with Allen. I am very happy with Charlotte City Tennis and it’s programs.”

Whether you are looking to learn the game of tennis for the first time, or looking for some fine tuning before your next league match Charlotte City Tennis Tennis has a program designed with you in mind. We have everything from Beginner clinics to our more intense Drill & Play sessions. All of our adult programs are designed around a fast-paced, games-based approach that maximizes both fun and improvement.


Adult Clinics:

Beginner: This class clinic is designed for someone who has never played, or is coming back from a long break. It is required that you sign up for a minimum of 4 weeks as each class will build on the last. Each stroke will be covered as well as basic concepts of footwork. You can expect to hit a lot of balls as well as move around a bit. High repetition and active participation are much more fun ways to learn than listening to a pro talk for an hour.

Recreational: This program encompasses most recreational players. You have the ability to sustain a rally, or have had some prior match play experience. You are looking for a good workout as well as improvement of your game. High repetition drills and situational point play will ensure tons of fun and make you sweat.

Intermediate: This is for our minimum 3.5 players and up. This power hour is designed for the intermediate player will combine live-ball drill sessions with situational point play. It’s a perfect opportunity to hone your skills in between matches.

Advanced: Our Advanced adult clinic is for our 4.0+ players, and prior approval is required by CCT staff.  This will be intense live ball drills along with point play.

Stroke of the Week:  On Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:30 at Park Rd., we will offer a rotational stroke of the week clinic.  Rotation will include forehands, backhands, volleys, serves/returns, doubles strategy, and singles strategy.  Instruction and drills will focus exclusively on that particular stroke or topic.  We will resume this clinic in the fall.


Leagues, Ladders and Match Play

In addition to our instructional programs, CCT also offer a wide variety of match play options for the community. These include singles’ box leagues, doubles league play, and round robin adult socials. Our match play programs are designed to connect players, encourage participation for all levels, and provide a FUN environment for people to play.  Choose the appropriate drop down selection under the “Adults” tab to learn more about doubles league nights, ladders, and socials!

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