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You can now get full service support for all your racquet needs from the club you already love and trust: Charlotte City Tennis!

If interested in the following stringing services, please call (704) 284-9844, email Aaron Mullenix, or speak to the instructor at your next clinic or lesson.

Luxilon Poly Element 16L String Service ($35)

Element 16L is a slightly thinner and softer version of one of the softest strings in Luxilon’s line-up. With Element you’ll get exceptional precision and spin without the high level of shock that comes with a traditional control string. Like its predecessors (M2 Pro and M2 Plus), Element features Multi-Mono Technology, providing you with a slightly more flexible feel than other Luxilon monofilaments. Although this string definitely works best if you have long, fast strokes, our playtest team was also impressed with its performance on touch shots (especially when compared to more traditional polyesters which tend to feel overly stiff and unresponsive at slow stroke speeds). All in all, this string is a great option for you intermediate through advanced players seeking a durable control string with above average feel and comfort.

Sensation String Service ($25)

Great value in a multifilament! A comfortable playing string with a nice blend of feel & playability. Known for its vibration dampening qualities, Sensation original lives up to its long-standing reputation as an arm-friendly string choice. It’s a great option for players looking for a soft, playable alternative to natural gut, or for those seeking a more comfortable selection compared to the stiffer synthetic guts.

Wilson Synthetic Gut 16L Power String Service ($25)

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power is a solid core synthetic gut string with high energy wraps for a livelier response. This string offers an impressive combination of power and control in a very arm-friendly package. Spin potential is above average for a synthetic gut. The feel is comfortably crisp and is well suited to players who want great all around performance.

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