Beginner classes take place at tennis clubs across the country.  There are beginner classes taught at Boca Lago Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida, Bald Head Island Club, and Cramer Mountain Country Club.  There are however; no beginner classes I enjoy teaching more than the ones at Freedom Park in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The forehands and backhands may be the same, but the people who hit them are certainly not.  Volleys still don’t bounce and the service toss is vital, but the people perfecting these skills make all the difference to me! 

            Teaching at tennis clubs, I have always found restrictions to a tennis players’ growth.  It is either a membership issue or a political issue; neither of which I like to be concerned with while teaching the game we all love!  Freedom Park, Jeff Adams Tennis Center and Park Road Park give not only me, but all of our excellent pros on staff the ability to bring his/her unique teaching styles to the court.   There are no restrictions on who can join Charlotte City Tennis classes; this is not only good for growth in the community, but it provides more substance and an authentic feel that is what we are striving to achieve.  I can attest to this first hand!

            A good friend and business partner is paramount for me; Allen Gowin fits both for me.  I was a bit hesitant at first to join the Charlotte City Tennis Community, but with Allen’s vision and persistence, the decision to jump on board became easy.  To the people that make up CCT, I will borrow a quote from Andre Agassi, “You have given me your shoulders to stand on, to reach for my dreams, dreams I could have never reached without you.”  You all keep me going every day, thank you!


            Aaron Mullennix

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