As Charlotte City Tennis continues to grow in it’s fourth year, I thought it would be pertinent for our first blog post to give a quick explanation of who we are, what we do, and what we are looking to accomplish for the Charlotte tennis community.

I was first introduced to tennis at a public facility in Florence SC, and without that introduction, I would have never had the valuable experience I gained through competitive junior tennis.  Training at some of the best academies, competing across the country, and developing as an athlete as well as a person were just a few of the benefits.  None of which would be possible without my first lesson at a public park.  Having quality, comprehensive programs at public facilities should be a priority for every community.

As I researched public tennis in NC, I was a disappointed to learn that the largest city, Charlotte, was severely lacking in quality public tennis programs and facilities.  Raleigh, Cary, Greensboro, Asheville, and Winston Salem all have great public programs but Charlotte was no where to be found.  I’ve discovered many reasons for this, but that’s not the point of this piece. Sure, there are adult leagues that have been in this community for a while, and there are some excellent junior development programs.  One of which I trained at, Charlotte Tennis Academy.  However, there was nothing that tied the tennis community together for the entire public.  There was nothing with substantial structure for the child who didn’t belong to a club looking to learn a new sport, the child who got cut from a team in high school and still wanted to play something athletic, the young professional new to town but not interested in a club, the person who enjoyed the sport 15-20 years ago and looking to get back on the court.  There wasn’t an organization that was qualified to introduce tennis to new players, train developing players, offer adult socials and junior play days, summer camps for kids, and adult match play all under one roof.   In 2011,  having discovered a need, an opportunity, and a way to give back; Charlotte City Tennis was born.

Our mission was simple- develop quality, comprehensive programs for all ages and skill levels at public facilities.  Having a staff of certified professionals, keeping prices affordable, and creating programs that would be inclusive instead of exclusive are at the foundation of what we do.   With these values in mind, I started Charlotte City Tennis at it’s first facility, Jeff Adams Tennis Center.  We have since expanded our programs to Freedom Park and Park Rd. Park.

The scope of what we are looking to achieve is new for Charlotte as well.  Our public decision makers had overlooked the opportunity to have one accountable organization that is capable of offering all the options for instruction and play.  Instead going with fragmented, individual options that have little cohesiveness or marketability to the community.  Along with our current player base, they have started to notice the value in a new mode of thinking and expansion.  Our junior and adult instructional programs continue to grow along with our newly introduced match play programs.  There may be other opportunities to play in the area, but I assure you none of which will have the diversity of offerings, expertise in the sport,  and attention to customer service.  We are driven to bring Charlotte’s public tennis program up to and beyond the standards set by other cities in our state.   As we continue to grow our brand and our programs in Charlotte, we are sure that you will agree that this is “the club for the community!”  We look forward to “serving” you soon.

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