Junior Tennis Clinics

Charlotte City Tennis offers year round programming for our junior players for all ages/skill levels.  We also offer seasonal league play.  Schedules and pricing located under the JUNIORS drop down tab.  

Whether your child has never held a racquet, or is a seasoned tournament player, there is a program for them within Charlotte City Tennis. We have a class for every age and skill level to ensure your child can progress at their own pace. Our class structures are designed to meet each goal from getting exercise and having fun to developing the next generation of champions. Tennis not only will enhance athletic skill development, but also improve listening skills, critical thinking, and the ability to work in groups which are valuable tools for all children.  We adhere to the Quickstart teaching methodology, Click here for our Jr. Progression Chart, or see below for brief class descriptions. 

Little Aces (4 - 6)

Our Little Aces clinic is designed to introduce the “little ones” to the skills necessary to play tennis. The class is made up of games designed to promote eye-hand coordination, footwork, and racquet skills using a 36 ft Quickstart court along with the other proper equipment. Fun and ensuring each child’s success are the top priorities.

Future Stars (6 - 8)

Future Stars clinics are also designed around the Quickstart methodology utilizing the 36ft court and red balls. Athletic development skill development is still a focal point along with more emphasis on stroke production and footwork.

Stars (9 - 12)

Our Stars group is designed for beginner and recreational players ages 9-12.  All beginners will start on a 60ft court with the orange, low-compression ball. Proper stroke mechanics and footwork are emphasized from the start. More experienced players will be introduced to strategy and point play while transitioning to a full-size court and green ball.

Super Stars (12+)

This clinic is designed for beginner and recreational players age 12+.  Basic stroke technique is emphasized along with footwork, agility, and strength development.  Our goals are to get new players rallying and playing points along with promoting players to our more advanced competitive clinics.

Introduction to High School Tennis

Charlotte’s only instructional class for aspiring high school players that are learning tennis for the first time!  Classes are designed for ages 13 and up and provides these players the opportunity to learn and play tennis with beginning players of the same age.  Proper stroke mechanics, playing drills are included in every class. Students will learn match strategies and be introduced to competitive play. Upon completion of this class, players are promoted to our tournament level class which furthers his/her competitive training.

Junior Player Development

Our Jr. Player Development program is for players who have gone through our player development progression, or received prior approval from a staff member.  This is designed for players who compete on middle school or high school teams and/or tournament play.  Competitive play in not a requirement, but a foundation of tennis proficiency along with staff approval is required to participate.  These clinics will focus on continued stroke and footwork development, match play skills, mental toughness, and conditioning.

Jr Tournament Performance

Our Jr. Tournament Performance Training is our highest level designed for players competing at a tournament level. A minimum of two clinics/week, a great attitude, and USTA tournament play are required.  Open communication between coaches, players, and parents is a must to set the right expectations for progression.  Prior pro approval required. 

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